mgsurf book, stories and emotions in a book. Black and white photography

Inside Road Outside Road is a book where i collected two years of journey and emotions captured around the world.

In the book I did not put any text reference and no explanations because I wanted to let the pictures speak, I want everyone give their own interpretation..

I'll tell you a story which for me is significant.

One day while I was driving, I saw on the street a little girl who was playing with her brothers and friends.  

Immediately I stopped the car.

What shocked me was this child's eyes, eyes full of anger and sadness, eyes that was screaming vengeance in a world that had brought her to a disastrous social situation, the eyes of an adult person in a baby face. I wanted to associate this little girl, in the book, to a day in the Venice's lagoon where the sky was getting ready to "pour" a storm of wind and rain.

Gianluca Mantovani

Price:  100 €

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ISBN  978-973-0-17886-9

Technical Specifications

24 pages, Kodak Professional Endura Premier raster

Paper thickness 0.04"

Cover and back cover are laminated at warm mate